All the parities in China

economist(经济学人)把中国各省经济状况与世界做了个对比,对比显示全国GDP总量广东最高,不过相当于印度尼西亚,上海接近于芬兰。  再看人均GDP,北京的人均GDP相当于斯洛伐克,上海是沙特阿拉伯。 又有看到社区里上海人与北京人、广东人对骂到底谁的经济好,其实都是浮云…浮云…






Comparing Chinese provinces with countries
All the parities in China
Which countries match the GDP, population and exports of Chinese provinces?
China is now the world’s second-biggest economy, but some of its provinces by themselves would rank fairly high in the global league. Our map shows the nearest equivalent country. For example, Guangdong’s GDP (at market exchange rates) is almost as big as Indonesia’s; the output of both Jiangsu and Shandong exceeds Switzerland’s. Some provinces may exaggerate their output: the sum of their reported GDPs is 10% higher than the national total. But over time the latter has consistently been revised up, suggesting that any overstatement is modest.

What about other economic yardsticks? Guangdong exports as much as South Korea, Jiangsu as much as Taiwan. Shanghai’s GDP per person is as high as Saudi Arabia’s (at purchasing-power parity), though still well below that in China’s special administrative regions, Hong Kong and Macau. At the other extreme, the poorest province, Guizhou, has an income per head close to that of India. Note that these figures use the same PPP conversion rate for the whole of China, but prices are likely to be lower in poorer provinces than in richer ones, slightly reducing regional inequality.

Correction, February 25th: The original figure given for Hong Kong’s exports included re-exports. This has been changed to refer to domestic exports only.






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